Sunday, April 26, 2015

Color book

I just found some photos on my boy's computer, accidentally downloaded there from my camera card. These are from a little color book I made for a sweet little girl's birthday. The pattern was in the 101 Patchwork Projects magazine that I've gotten a whole lot of mileage from. For such a simple concept though, this project made a grand mess, since I needed to get out every. single. color. bin of fabric in my closet.

I started with a strip of gray gridlines from my Best. Day. Ever! jelly roll to cross stitch a simple title. I didn't want to use a lot of words, though, so this was the only one.
Colors birthday book
I didn't have any trouble with the first few pages:
Colors birthday book: PINK
Orange is particularly a snap for me:
Colors birthday book: RED and ORANGE
This is my favorite 2-page spread, so citrusy and cheerful:
Colors birthday book: YELLOW and GREEN 
I had to really dig for these ones. I have a lot of blue fabrics, because I never use them, and they just don't all seem to go together. (I think it's time for a major purge of this bin.) Tardis courtesy of my husband's shirt scraps (a Spoonflower splurge); swan courtesy of my mom's birthday purse scraps.
Colors birthday book: AQUA and BLUE 
The purples are fun; I tend to use these up as soon as I find them, but I have lots of little treasured scraps around. I especially love the chair!
Colors birthday book: PURPLE