Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rocky Horror Badass Challenge

A few months back my wicked children strong-armed me (they're big enough to do that literally now) into signing up for the Rocky Horror challenge sponsored by the Badass Quilters Society. I dutifully did so, and received a lovely collection of Moda Grunge fat quarters in white, red, grey, and black plus a little chunk of pebbly gold pleather. I am deeply in love with Grunge. My boys are deeply in love with the sheer naughtiness of ths delightfully weird movie, which they saw in a double feature along with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog last Halloween. They lobbied pretty hard for me to use at least one Bad Word, but--although I am not conceptually opposed--I ultimately decided on something that would be hangable in my husband's chemistry office. Maybe next time, boys...

Without any further blah-blah-blogging, here is my creation:

See what's on the slab...
Public voting starts on March 24, so please plan to pop over to the site ... Vote early, vote often!

ETA: this was #9 on my list of Q1 finish-along goals.