Saturday, January 16, 2016

Q1 Finish-Along Goals

My last post summarized some of my long-term goals for the year, but with an eye on Connecting, I guess I might as well specify some specific tasks for the first three months of the year. Thanks to Stacey at SloStudio for hosting the Finish-Along as a kick in the pants to stay focused!

These are supposed to be projects that are already started, so here goes:

1. My Junk Drawer challenge project, due next week at my art journal meeting:

2. Hexagon suns quilt:
3. Best. Day. Ever. herringbone quilt:

4. Finish writing the pattern for my Triangle Tiles quilt:

5. Allure placemats:

6. I haven't technically started it yet, but I'll also be making a little Skinny Mini quilt for my secret partner during Q1. Very excited about this one -- I love this particular shape!!

7. Zombie shirt for my boy's 12th birthday next month.
8. Two beer shirts for my BIL's birthday next month.

OK, that's a pretty respectable list -- that should do it for Q1! I'm sure I'll make a hundred more things in that time, but these are the ones hovering at the moment. Let the games begin!

ETA #9: Rocky Horror Challenge with the Badass Quilters!!

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