Thursday, July 7, 2016

Last-Minute Q2 Finish Report

I started the second quarter of the year with an overly ambitious list of sewing goals, but I was sidetracked by some very rewarding printmaking class projects, then preparations for a summer of vending quilts and home dec items at local fairs and farmer's markets. Nonetheless, I managed to complete half of my goals. Here's the original list, along with results.

1. Cedric's zombie shirt -- DONE!! He cuts quite the figure in it, too:

2016 Mom Awards: don't even bother challenging me this year
Young artist at work, in bespoke zombie attire
2. Secret Gift Thing #1 (Birthday shirt for my husband) -- DONE!!

This new goofy circuitry one makes 14 (!) shirts in his summer wardrobe.
3. Secret Gift Thing #2 (Father's Day present) -- DONE, and even (briefly) blogged!!

4. Orange Hexagon wallhanging, with Basic Mixologie mini-charm pack -- DONE!! I love this pattern and I love this fabric.

5. Gypsy Wife quilt -- NOPE. Not even close. But two of my students have finished theirs, so that's something!

6. Kitchen decor for my aunt -- DONE, and delivered! Placemats weren't part of the finished collection, because they didn't fit on the table, so the full set included a runner, four pillow covers, dinner napkins, and a pair of hotpads as a fun little addition.
I combined the Charley Harper fish print with a rich plum that looked like suede. Two pillows in each color combo.
The plum pillows looked spectacular. The fabric was to die for. (I think it was a Ricky Tims Rhapsody print.)

She has a long narrow glass table, so I made the runner 10x80". It was a gorgeous coppery brown that looked nice with all of her prints, including the upholstery sample from her built-in bench. Thin strips of all the other prints and some coordinating scrappy ones stretched the whole way down in a single line.
The mitered double-sided napkins looked spectacular, and so substantial!
7. Craftsy BOM quilt -- DONE!! I love this quilt so much. I did some really impressive custom free-motion work on each individual block, then as I assembled it I added a little more feathering in the negative space (dark grey Plus signs) to anchor the pieces together. I couldn't be happier with the finished project!
Sampler blocks by Amy Gibson for Craftsy (2012)
The back of my Craftsy sampler quilt -- so much delightful orange!!

8. Kandinsky quilt -- NOPE (I have really been slacking on the art quilting)
9. Quilting my Vintage Spin quilt -- NOPE (but it's first up for Q3)
10. Seaside dress -- NOPE
11. Orange batik shirt -- NOPE
12. Summer skirt -- NOPE