Sunday, July 31, 2011

so little time

The list of things I had planned to accomplish before leaving at the end of August is starting to feel just a tad unattainable. I did finish one quilt this morning (except for a label), so that's a good start. I still need to:
  • Make a label for my witches quilt before dropping it off for the GHQG Quilt Show on Wednesday
  • Print all of the labels that will hang next to the quilts in the show
  • Print signs reminding people about the thread workshop at the show.
  • Pick up the programs and make sure they get to the show on time.
  • Actually go to the show all day on Saturday (and maybe Sunday)
But from a stitchery perspective, I was also planning to:
  • Finish knitting Barry's alpaca sweater
  • Quilt & finish the Beatles quilt (basting & a movie, kids?)
  • Make screen bags using all the mesh I have purchased so far (2 large, 1 small)
  • Sew two Steelers-themed bags for my mother using a pattern that has lots of pockets. I was planning to make the Essential Purse, but I can't figure out a good combo of fabrics that will have the appropriate scale in the quintessential black-and-gold colors, so I might look for a different pattern...
  • I'm also starting this adorable-but-enormous embroidered quilt so I have some handwork with me on our trip. I have most of the background blocks sewn, but I still need to assemble the embroidery sections, trace the designs, and add the crayon shading. I *think* at least one section is do-able.
Also, I have promised the boys a long-awaited party on Thursday, so I will be spending all day Wednesday making cupcakes & fruit salad and planning a variety of Minute-to-Win-It games. I have made myself a little tired just reading this list. These quilts aren't making themselves...

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  1. Wow, good luck with this Angelina, you sure do have your hands full!!!