Friday, March 23, 2012

Comics quilt

For my March "Empty-the-UFO-bin" project, I picked the comics tumblers that I put together sometime last year. I found this comic-book fabric in a scrap pile somewhere and thought it was fantastic. I pulled a whole bunch of rather ugly-ish coordinating fabrics to make the contrasting tumblers, and used a country blue (my least favorite color) as the border. I did very simple quilting on this one - just echoing all of the seams 1/4" on both sides - so it only took two afternoons to get the whole thing done. I was lucky to find a yard of the border fabric still in the remnant pile at my favorite LQS, so the binding actually matches the front. The back is lots of fun - Monopoly cards on a hot pink background. 65 x 72 inches.

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