Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Free-Motion Practice

I dutifully cut my purple scraps into the block that I've been using for free-motion practice. This particular block is not pretty - there's too much variety in the purples and I wasn't careful about separating blue-violets from red-violets. The quilting, however, came out spectacularly! It's very tightly quilted, and I tried a variety of repetitive pattern according to this month's Free-Motion Challenge tutorial. The photos give decent detail. (I just found a library book with some good info about photographing handcrafts; I'm hoping my skills in this area will develop a little.)
Too much purple variety. Nice fabrics, but they don't play well together.
I started with a small-scall checkerboard...
...added some tight echoing, meandering...
...and finished with some pebbles (those took a while!) and some circle & square spirals along the edges.

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