Friday, February 8, 2013

Swirling Spectrum

I spent some pre-storm time ironing the fabrics for a new pattern that I bought on Monday; the power is still on, but all the pieces are now cut. (I guess I'll have to iron something ELSE now, or else in that event I could just make myself work on one of the many handwork projects that are languishing in various drawers, bags, and baskets. Or organize something.)
I am so in love with this piece I could just explode!
I'm a fan of any project that works in the whole spectrum, but I also really like the weird angles on this one, and I think the fabrics really blend together beautifully. One of the pentagons is already sewn together (I did it last night -- just couldn't wait), and I'll work on the others tonight while the boys are watching some ridiculous superhero movies.

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