Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice: Week 5 units

Finished these Week 5 units in the nick of time for the Patriots game (go Pats!), and there's still another seven hours of football/sewing time! Woohoo!

I pieced these the regular rotary way, but I may consider using the special ruler if I ever find myself doing zillions of little triangles again...lots of the other mystery solvers seemed to find it very useful.
Cute little split-triangle units
Running total: 458 + 75 = 533. Maybe one more week of piecing before we start assembling the pieces? The homestretch is so exciting...

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  1. I think one more week too. AND it is so exciting! Not an NFL football fan. Just college - GO IRISH!

  2. Looking good, we will be done before we know it!