Friday, December 30, 2011

Screeching to a halt

My husband's sabbatical leave has now officially ended, so my high-level productivity will be coming to a screeching halt. sigh...I knew it would happen, but it was such a great non-semester... To wrap up my year, my friend Jane and I took a trip to Webs to check out their year-end sale. I bought their store-brand Northampton wool for two (!) sweaters. One is a beautiful pattern that I just found in the fall issue of Interweave Knits; I got a nice rich purple heathery yarn for this one, and I've already finished the tiny back-center cable inset and started the back. I also got the yarn for a nifty modular sweater pattern that I bought several years ago. Webs was discounting the yarn, so I wanted to buy it before I couldn't. I think the color that I got for the shaded yarn was the same as in the photo below, but I got a pine green to accent it instead of the black shown. I finished five octagons so far - this is slow going, but it's going to be beautiful once it's done.

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