Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rolling star blocks

I got a bit ahead of things on the Rolling Stars quilt-along, so all 18 of the blocks are finished. I used a length of grey for the background, because that's what I had in my stash, and 18 different bright tonals for the blocks. The star points around the center are navy with silver foil leaf print - probably left from a holiday collection, but plenty neutral for this project. I'm pretty sure I'll have enough of the navy and the grey to make all the setting blocks, but if not I'll just improvise something.

I really liked how the centers looked all squeezed together. Even though I don't usually make small blocks, I'm rather fond of the look of many small copies of the (mostly) same thing - it's like what Edward Tufte calls the "small multiples" technique of information display. Maybe occasionally looking at this in-progress photo will inspire me:
As much as I liked the unfinished centers, I did ultimately continue and finish them. Looking at them all up on the wall is a great opportunity for some color theory work - there are two or three of these shades that really look great with the warm, medium grey that I'm using as the background. I would not have considered using aqua or gold with gray, but both look fantastic. Who knew?

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