Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finished Metropolis blocks

I have the blocks for my Metropolis quilt finished! I started on Friday night, and got seven of the nine pieces together that evening. Yesterday I put the eighth strip in, but upon waking up today I realized that the batik (which looked fairly good in the dimmed room we were futilely trying to keep cool) really stood out and ruined the whole bright effect. Not enough saturation to match the other fabrics:

I had my seam ripper out before I finished my first cup of coffee. I found just enough scrap pieces of a nice reddish brown that worked in the batik's place, then I finished off the blocks with a shimmery turquoise. I haven't decided whether to use plain white as the sashing and (wide) border; I could go with a pale turquoise or a warm cream color or something else entirely. I'll probably take a block to the solids row at a shop and slap it up to see what jumps off the shelf. That approach usually works for me.

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