Sunday, August 26, 2012

Honey Mini

Still loving the Modern Patchwork projects! My menfolk were out of town for two days last week, so I enjoyed nearly 48 continuous hours of stitchery related time. I spent one very fun day shop hopping with a friend, and the rest of the time watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon (Why would I do such a thing?, one might wonder...because I love bad television and Diagnosis Murder isn't on Netflix) and sewing. And petting dogs.

Largely because of my personal stitch-a-thon, I managed to finish two projects -- one big, one small -- today. (Technically, the hanging sleeves and labels aren't complete, but to my mind, once that binding is stitched down, it's a Finish.) The first one I'll share is the miniature version of the Elizabeth Hartman's Honey quilt, the hexagons on the cover of the book. I do love my hexagons.

I chose my colors for August's color palette challenge:
I dropped the red from my project and focused on the feather itself. I pulled out a few chunks of  taupe-y grayish browns and some scraps of blue left from my mom's Sudoku table runner (the one shown in my banner at the top of the blog). Here's the top all marked up for some isometric grid quilting:
I did a variation on the theme of the orange-peel motif that I've been using for my big taupe quilt, but on a triangular grid rather than square...I made a flower of life!! I do believe I have decided how I'll be quilting the scrappy hex top that's waiting so patiently in my overflowing UFO bin.
Although marking the lines took a little time, this quilting uses such a gentle curve that it could even be done with a walking foot rather than free motion. I'm including both photos because, whatever I did with that camera, they came out great for showing the quilting!
The last photo didn't come out as well because it's dark and I was excited to get this post up, but here it is all bound and done!

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  1. It's lovely! I really like the wzy you used the palette.