Sunday, March 10, 2013

Turtle Shirt

That's fun to say, isn't it? Turtle shirt, turtle shirt, turtle shirt...

I told my dad that I'd make him a new summer shirt for his trip to Hawaii, and he picked out some awesome sea turtle fabric. I took photos at Lisa's and let him pick what he liked...yay for technology!

What could hypothetically be a two-evening process of making a simple shirt ended up requiring three separate trips to stores as I (separately) discovered that I didn't have interfacing, ran out of thread, and needed buttons. (Maybe some pre-planning would be in order next time, huh?) Also, I mistakenly sewed a nehru collar and had to do a Take 2 on the whole collar assembly. Duh. Once I managed to secure all of the necessary notions, and paid a modicum of attention to the instructions, it really did go together seamlessly. Wait, no...strike that last...there are lots of seams in a shirt. Insert whatever adverb you prefer at the end of that previous sentence.
Sea turtles, mate.

Still using these fun labels that Barry got me, lo these many years ago.
I also found some perfect glass beads to use as zipper pulls on Mom's bag. Done and done!
Mom bling!

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  1. I love the tag and I really love the quilt behind the shirt. If you can, please bring it in next Tuesday night. I would love to see it.