Wednesday, May 1, 2013

River progress (Catching up, step 1)

Have you missed me, my quilting peeps? (There must be at least five of you out there!) My teaching semester ended today, so it's time for a full-on dive into summer stitchery. I have several commission projects to finish up and share, a finished Jethro Gibbs top, a few birthday shirts (one done, one waiting for a boy-free house to be sewn), projects for the quilt classes that I'm teaching, and a few other odds and ends waiting for my attention as well. Here's the current state of my River Challenge project; I'll be stitching together the sunset hexies starting tonight!
River Challenge micro-hexies

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  1. YES I did miss your posts !! so I am very glad you are back, and yes, I wondered how this project, and the Gibbs quilt were going too. I can't wait to share my modern quilt project from last month on Sunday, and to dive into the next one - thanks for offering this class, I am having a blast !!

    Liz ~