Saturday, December 29, 2012

River group project

My art quilting group is working on a group project, in which we are making a series of quilts with a continuous river running through all of them; we are all using the same fabric as the river, a lovely dark navy with lines and circles that look like flowing water:

our watery river batik
 I, in what can only be described as a temporary break with insanity, have decided that I want to make my 18 x 24" quilt using tiny hexagons, so it will look in the end something like a hex-grid mosaic gameboard. I will be English paper piecing these (which means by hand, for those of you who might be uninitiated in the jargon of this process). Here is one hexagon basted onto its paper backing:

Yes, these hexes are only .375" on a side.

And here is my progress after yesterday and today:

If I have calculated correctly, I will need about 1167 of these micro-hexies to complete the project. But's not due until June!

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