Monday, December 31, 2012

More Civil War blocks

Day Five of our quarantine. I fear I am going mad in this isolated state. I am tired of watching child-friendly television. I am tired of hearing hacking and snorting and gagging. I am tired of trying to remember who had which medication at which time. Although I am feeling mostly better, my maternal compassion is tapped, and my husband, who continues to remain healthy, is completely taxed by the incessant whiny Need coming from the couch. Boo hoo to all of us.

I did a little work on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt this morning, I sketched out the layout of the corner setting triangles (today's directions) in PowerPoint, added up all the remaining block units that we have made so far, and realized that we seem to be 40 units short (if I got the layout right). I spent way too much time trying to figure out the math of which 40 3" units we might still need to prepare, but then I realized I could just wait a few more hours and stop driving myself nuts. I'll wait until I see the solution in tomorrow's installment before I start cutting the third color.

Here are the next three of the Civil War blocks:
Two more red-violet/fuschia blocks. The one on the left ("Home Sweet Home") took me an entire football game to make. The other ("Enthusiasm") was a snap.
A pretty pink block ("Will Virginia Secede?") for the center of the quilt.
I am really enjoying making these cute little blocks. I haven't done a lot of paper piecing for a while, and it's so fun to watch all the teensy details come out so perfectly! This project is capturing my attention more than I had anticipated.

I will now spend the rest of The Princess Bride pressing and joining the fifty zillion postage stamp nine-patches that have been piling up next to my machine.

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