Monday, December 24, 2012

Easy Street: Week 5

So much to do today...we're baking and decorating a cookie tree, making custard for tomorrow's trifle, peeling beets for borscht, and taking the bones out of a pound of smelts. But first things first...time to post the progress on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street mystery project. I (and, I'm certain, many others) certainly appreciate the straightforward simplicity of this week's directions. All we had to make was 64 of these:

I still haven't chosen my third color yet...dark winey reds will be auditioning later between the beets and smelts. Wishing you all much hygge!


  1. Wow, you are moving right along. and with all that cooking, too!

  2. The little house units look so pretty! I hope we join some of our previous units up this week. Merry Christmas.