Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Clearing the Decks": Part II

Despite my best intentions, the process of making this quilt got in the way of documentation, so I don't have a lot of in-progress pictures (sorry, Lynn!). Also, my left brain wouldn't cede control, so I ended up with a thoroughly unintelligible sheet of graph paper to make sure everything would fit together in the end. I so much prefer working like a jigsaw puzzle to make the available pieces fit into a final known shape, rather than creating a shape that is undetermined. Anyway, here's the top, minus the borders that are already cut and ready to assemble. I'm going to put a 2" strip of white around this, then a split rail arrangement of 2.5 x 5" bricks to border the whole thing (and use up the precut bricks).

I cleared out two plastic bins AND a bag in making this. This quilt incorporates:
  • the scrappy rectangles made from 3" pink, green, and red squares (leftmost column)
  • seven unassembled 12" blocks (top and right)
  • all the 2" squares that I had (second column), including a leftover block from a Modern Patchwork Roller Rink table runner
  • 22 6" blocks (third column and bottom row), some made for the rainbow scrap challenge, 2 from a previous Newington Schoolhouse Quilters mystery quilt, and 2 practice paper pieced palm blocks
  • Some leftover 1" squares, already sewed into strips during my Sol Lewitt phase (located along the left edge of the vertical column of six" blocks in the center portion)
  • a five" block (incorporated into the border of bricks, because that's where it fit)
  • the tumblers and half-rectangle triangles that I cut on the Accucut last January
  • the leftover strip of selvedges combined with a few pre-cut bricks

Hurray for cleaning house!


  1. I just knew this quilt would be incredibly awesome! I love it!!!

  2. I think this is great - the white strips really make it work. And you know I'm all for clearing out stuff!