Sunday, December 30, 2012


This virus must have affected my brain's center for rational decision-making. A friend from Lisa's shop has been cleaning house and gave me a folder full of all the patterns to make the Civil War Love Letters quilt (thanks, Nancy!). I haven't done anything like this before, but lots of my other friends are making Dear Jane quilts right now, and I have been drooling a little over their paper piecing, which I love to do.

In my unending quarantined state, I decided to tackle the folder. It's WAY easier than Dear Jane, of course, with only 121 blocks (instead of the seven billion in the Dear Jane quilt), and the blocks are 6" (instead of 4). Those of you who know me will realize that there is no way I will be using Civil War fabrics. Instead, I'll be using the full spectrum of vivid brights, using all scraps. I started with the corners, using red-violet/fuschia fabrics. The first two came out pretty well. The next one has over eighty (!) pieces, so I decided to stall a little by blogging before I started it.


  1. Did you see the quilt-as-you-go method I posted on my blog? I'm doing it on my Dear Jane quilt. I love the process. It's perfect for these blocks. I'm sure people will gasp at the liberties I'm taking with this sacred quilt. I'm all for stepping outside the box!

    1. I LOVE doing QAYG quilting! I have done it many times on many quilts, including some very big ones. I might do it on this one, but I'm thinking I want some thicker need to decide yet, though. It's a great way to practice quilting on reasonably sized pieces, and to end up with a great reversible quilt. I'm enjoying watching your Dear Jane grow!