Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monotone project

For the final Color Palette Challenge of 2012, we were to make something in a monotone. I chose Tardis blue as my color. I bought all of Lisa's blue mesh and all of the blue zippers from the J place, and used most of the scraps of Spoonflower fabric leftover from Barry's shirt to make eight of these cute little pencil cases for all the little Whovians in my life. I'm only showing two here because I didn't want to take the liberty to show the names of the other (non-mine) Whovians.

Doctor Who pencil cases!
Here's the shirt (made back in April) and the guy. I feel compelled to clarify, based on my recent postings about our Sycknesse, that he has been a saint in keeping us fed and entertained. Kudos to you, Captain of my Heart.

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  1. These are great. I have a small Whovian who would love one of these!