Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another (gulp) new project

Despite my best intentions of NOT making a zillion more tops without quilting some of the ones that are waiting, I started last night on my rendition of the Rubik's Crush quilt that I have been eyeing up since I bought 101 Patchwork Projects a few years ago. My sister gave me a terrific stack of fat quarters a year or two ago that have been earmarked for this, and the time seemed right (mostly because my Big Machine is in the shop for a tune-up and I don't want to do anything super complicated with my Backup).

This pattern really couldn't be much easier (well, come to think of it, the Just Can't Cut It pattern actually IS a little easier...), so I got all of the big pieces and most of the 2.5" squares cut in one short evening. Fun Fact for any of you who might want to make this quilt: 12 fat quarters provides exactly enough fabric to make the solid, pieced, and grid blocks. Today I used the full daytime sunlight to pick a good background, and then managed to sew one little grid of 9 pieces together while the boys enjoyed (?) another game of Magic: The Bickering. This won't take any time at all to finish; I'll probably make good progress tonight. After I finish laying out the next issue of my guild's newsletter, my next priority is to open up that UFO bin and start piecing backs for the Projects-in-Waiting, because the repair shop just called, and I can get back to some serious production quilting with a freshly tuned-up machine!

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