Friday, July 27, 2012

Flower power: DONE!

I spent some air-conditioned time today finishing the binding on the quilt that I whipped up using the Just Can't Cut It pattern. This pattern is super fast -- not a lot of piecing necessary when you start with a terrific large-scale print like this one! I curved the corners for two reasons: (1) because I have been wanting to try it, and (2) because I nicked two of the corners when I was cutting the 12.5" squares and I didn't have a single inch of extra fabric to cut better ones. But exigency breeds creativity, and I love how the curved edges give the quilt even more of a '60s/'70s look!

For the quilting, I used Elizabeth Hartman's Loopy Flowers design. I did take the time to tuck in the ends of every flower (they're not connected, so lots of starts and stops) but it was worth the (minor) effort. I love how these big messy flowers look with this big goofy print:

I haven't named this quilt yet...I'm sure something suitably inspiring will come to me soon. I generally try to make some vague, amusing-to-me reference to a movie, song, or some other element of pop culture, but not something so familiar that everyone would necessarily recognize it. (For example, I named my semi-famous unicorn quilt "Dear Barbara", inspired by a line by Vince Vaughn in Dodgeball.)

And now I find myself with a box of unused basting pins ready for the next quilt on Sunday afternoon, and a brand new copy of Elizabeth Hartman's (same as above - as I said before, I'm in love with her aesthetic) book Modern Patchwork. Let the weekend begin!

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