Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mega colors

I got a terrific book by Tula Pink from the Newington Library and whipped up this lovely little top in no time flat. Start to finish, this top took less than 24 hours: cutting one evening, rows at the shop the next day, sashing strips in the evening. I am in love with this trend of contemporary/modern quilting that uses huge chunks of gorgeous fabrics. Every single one of these fabrics was already in my stash, even the sashing (which I bought for something else, but it wasn't the right shade of lime). I was originally planning to use plain white as the sashing, but somebody suggested lime and I remembered that I had six yards of this - perfect! I'll use most of the rest on the back, which I'll piece soon so I know what's left for other projects.
Napping size (64 x 80") version of Tula Pink's Dreamweaver pattern. This is the top only - not yet quilted.

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