Sunday, July 22, 2012

July Free Motion

I really like the look of this month's Free Motion Challenge by Angela Walters - I love how the straight lines (the "tile" edges) provide some definition to a good all-over background motif. I was even more excited when I recognized this motif in the Tula Pink book that I've been poring over! I tried my hand at the tiling pattern on my blue squares that I'm doing for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. (That project has kind of fallen by the wayside, but I'm still doing the color squares to practice quilting and the placemats, although I'm hand piecing July's, so it's still not finished.)
I just did a simple meander within each tile, because I'm getting fairly comfortable with that basic motif and I wanted to be able to concentrate on the tile part of the design. What I discovered, though, is that the tile takes care of itself, and then defines just a teensy little area to quilt with whatever you like. Next time I think I'll try some tiny clouds or flowers, and eventually I might even be confident enough to vary the patterns in each tile. Thanks to Angela for sharing this excellent tutorial!