Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Wild Thing" journal quilt

My journal group's topic for our monthly meeting was "Wild Thing", in honor of Maurice Sendak. Here's my little piece (with apologies to Mr. Sendak):

"Wild Thing" (July 2012, 8.5 x 11")
I had a lot of fun sifting through my mountain of selvedge strips looking for amusing slightly naughty words to use on this...I might consider a "ransom note" quilt in the future with this technique. (Tip, if you want to try: use plenty of Fray Check.)

I was particularly excited to finally find a use for the cute little girly that Marlene Shea gave us all last year when she was demonstrating how to emboss sheet metal for our art quilts - machine stitched right through it without even a hiccup.

My next journal goal is to start a series...I'm considering "Steampunk" (my 8-year-old's request), Sol Lewitt (there were more things I wanted to try), and Charlie Harper (which are extremely cute, but don't feel particularly artistic on my part, since I'm just basically copying). Any series theme suggestions, Faithful Readers?

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