Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cousin Challenge

Thanks to my wonderful husband and sister, I spent a few days last week in the southern California region. My sister, cousin, and I drove around the central valley exploring such fascinating places as ostrich farms (!), a lavender farm (who knew?), olive groves (pro tip: olives straight from the tree don't taste too good), and the funky little kinda-Danish town of Solvang (muy interesante).

Who'da thunk it?
My poor non-quilting sister was extraordinarily patient in shuttling us from one quilt shop to the next. She barely rolled her eyes at all as we combed through bolts, with visions of quilts-to-be floating in our heads. We enjoyed Creation Station in Buellton, Betty's Fabrics in Santa Maria, and Roxanne's (!!!!) in Carpenteria. We also visited the fashion district in downtown LA...what an experience! There were blocks and blocks and blocks of stores selling every imaginable fabric, laces, beads, zippers, buttons, upholstery, notions, etc. Purely overwhelming. We visited Levine's Loft, where we literally dug through shipping cartons full of completely random selections of fabric scraps from who-knows-where. I have never been to a place where fabric was sold by the pound, but I managed to find four or five yards of batik scraps (some as long as two continuous yards) that cost only $7 for the whole heap. I think if I lived closer to that variety of choices, I would sew a lot more (if that's even least a lot more variety of things).
STUNNING view upon entry into Roxanne's: A Wish and a Dream (Carpenteria, CA)
This fantastic mosaic was the front wall of the cutting table at Roxanne's; apparently she purchased it from an art gallery that had closed, then did a little customizing for her own shop. I am already considering whether to start collecting broken pottery.
Something in that sea air: This fantastically overdone gingerbread house was right across the street from Roxanne's in Carpenteria.
My cousin and I both bought half-yard cuts of the same 10 fabrics. I think we talked about some ground rules for our friendly challenge, but I can't remember for sure...maybe we each get to add one wild card and one solid? Or maybe it was multiple solids? I will confirm with her before I start cutting. I'm thinking something in a Tula Pink design...

Digging for treasure at Levine.

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