Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shirts everywhere

This week's sewing has been a whirlwind of making favor bags for my boy's tenth birthday party (including multisided geek dice, candy, and a dime, because he's ten..."dime bags"...get it?), as well as his quirky birthday shirt, which has apparently become a tradition in this house:
Pink Panther barbecue shirt
In the spare moments, I finished all the pieces for the t-shirt quilt. Now I'm left to choose from a fairly evenly-spaced layout...
Blur One...
...or a more composed central star arrangement:
...or Blur Two?
Perhaps I'll let the quilt's owner decide. Either way, I'll get the pieces sewn together tomorrow so I can baste next weekend and start the quilting.


  1. I have that red counting crows shirt (or rather, I did have it, but I actually don't really like t-shirts, so I gave it to my daughter). Big Crows fan, I see! Looking good...

    1. Awesome. It's so cool when completely separate parts of my life overlap! :)