Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pirates quilted bag

Happy (early!) birthday to my mom, who asked me to make a bag that she can take next week when she goes to Florida to see a Pittsburgh Pirates spring training game.

This is the fourth or fifth time I've used this bag pattern, so I worked on it in fits and starts instead of following each step completely and in order. This resulted in a nearly finished bag with straps that were two inches different in length AND a front pocket that was not sewn down the center. At what was supposed to be the great unveiling moment, I had to remove the top zipper and topstitching, unstitch the handle, pull it out and trim it, then put that whole section back together. THEN I had to rip out the whole bottom seam (INCLUDING the boxed corners!), fix the front pocket seam, then reassemble the whole dang thing. That oughta teach me to pay closer attention. But I bet it won't...

I used some handy "improve your blog photos" tips this time (Always take photos in natural light! Arrange your items in a scene!). And hey, what do you know, they worked!
Look at this naturally lit, black-and-gold (and Luscious Lips) scene!
I love the "raised ridges" effect of using a twin needle for the quilting.

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