Friday, May 9, 2014

Triangle scraps

I made a mid-scale Lotus quilt using the Forest Floor line of fabrics, and I couldn't bear to part with the neat stack of evenly trimmed equilateral triangles leftover from cutting all the jewel shapes. I shaved them down a little with my Mini Hex n More ruler and pulled out a stack of 1.5" strips of neutrals. I didn't measure the strips at all, I just cut all of their ends at 60-degree angles.

I added triangles to even the smallest bits of neutrals (even other 1" triangles), then ganged those units together until I had a bunch of strips that were just short of 19". Once I had the strips long enough (a totally subjective determination), I sewed them together kind of randomly, choosing strips that gave the right balance to the project. I have been feeling like I don't do enough "freeform" projects, but I prefer this sort of halfway compromise -- starting with precision-cut pieces, then assembling them without pre-determining where they're going to fall.

I love this little wall hanging! What I particularly like about it is that the eye keeps wandering looking for a pattern -- that's what our species excels at! -- but there isn't one. I think I'll call this one "Pareidolia in Scraps".

Scrap equilateral triangles...don't throw away those Hex n More cutoffs!

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