Friday, May 30, 2014

Skully Embroidery

I stitched this out for a friend, who is facing a future with a relative who likes (gulp) skulls. I think she envisions making a little table runner that can be displayed at the upcoming nuptials, as well as in their home. So sweet! This sucker has 70,051 stitches in 12 colors, and it took over 6 hours for my machine to stitch it out! If I were buying a new machine today, I wouldn't get an embroidery machine again, but for those people who say, "it's just pushing a button!": WRONG! It's certainly not handwork, but it does entail an incredible amount of fussy, technical machine-operation know-how. Big thanks to Sue K for her professional advice on setting up the hoop and stabilizer, and using the appropriate needle.
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