Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lotus class

I spent this fine sunny spring day teaching a class on the Lotus pattern at Lisa's Clover Hill Quilts. Five students, five beautiful quilts underway! This is a great pattern -- extremely easy to sew, and so much potential for different and unique looks with only minor tweaking in the color choices. Thanks to everyone for a fun day!

A few photos of the initial blocks that everybody made:
Debbie's first block -- delicious chocolate-covered cherries!!
Linda is going to have a tropical treat when she finishes her quilt (probably tonight!)
Liz decided to work in a smaller scale, using just one color for all of the small triangles. One of the great things about the ruler is that it makes it simple to scale up to larger pieces or down to smaller pieces with very little effort. All the math is built right in.
Liz's first blocks. I like the way the single-color triangles creates circles.
Sara had some lovely Asian fabrics with rich vibrant colors.
Sue joined us a little late, but still managed to finish three blocks before we wrapped up.
One thing I particularly appreciate about this pattern is that even the scraps are cut off in ready-to-use condition. I have a small stack of half triangles and a hundred or so perfect equilateral triangles ready to assemble.
My Lotus scraps.
I didn't get much of the sewing done, but all the pieces are cut and ready to go. This will be a good take-on-Tuesday project to keep me busy on the next open sew.
Lotus pieces

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