Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pretty Lotus

Two days of sewing at the shop and my Lotus quilt is together. I love love love these colors--warm corals and salmon pinks, with coppery and ochre accents. Not the super-bright oranges that I typically choose, but a much more "grown-up" version (and still orange, after all). I used a complete mishmash of fabrics in this little lap quilt: some large prints, some small ones; a variety of lights, mediums, and darks; and at least six different designers.
Lotus quilt (Jaybird Designs), ready to finish
I'll square off the sides of this one (and piece the cut-offs into the back), and I might add a border if I have enough of the coppery brown triangle fabric left. I am also wondering if I have enough cut-off triangles to make a border that wraps the whole way around the quilt. I suppose I could cut a few more if there aren't quite enough in the leftover stack.

Due to the timing of both of our summer vacations, I have missed two journal meetings in a row, so I'm now two months behind on those projects. The June meeting is next Tuesday, and I don't want to have three full projects to complete before July, so I took some time today to get a decent start on the May and June pages. I won't post any details about those pages until I pass them on at the July meeting, but at least I'm encouraged that I'll be all caught up by then.

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