Monday, June 30, 2014

VT Quilt Festival

My family had a fantastic weekend kicking around Burlington for the VT Quilt Festival. Thursday started out with a real bang, when we learned that Linus won the Best Young Quilter award for his American Banner project!!
Linus! Look, his name is already on the festival website!
They even showed a photo of his quilt on the screen during the awards ceremony.

It was exciting to see the ribbon hanging on his quilt when we walked past it.
The show was, as expected, a feast for the eyes. In no particular order, I'm posting the photos that I took. There were hundreds more beautiful quilts, but these are the ones that pulled the camera out of my bag for whatever momentary reason.
Escher. No surprise why this one caught my eye. Mary Knapp came to speak at our Greater Hartford Annual Gathering last fall, so I saw this a few months ago.
This project was inspired by the look of a small marbling project. Easy to see why it won the Best Construction award.
This was just a spectacular full-spectrum feast for the eyes. Every 1.5" square was made from four pieces (QSTs).
Hexagons. And bees. 'nuff said.
More hexagons. Interesting piecing.

Really captivating composition.
I loved the simplicity of this one.
There were surprise "ants" quilted into this watermelon project. I love these colors, and I love love love that she added the black "seeds."
Not really visible in the picture, but every block of this quilt featured one fabric with text of some kind. These little personal-concept projects tickle my fancy. Plus, I also like text fabrics.
Let X=X. Beautiful graphic forms.
Detail from an amazing huge quilt featuring cut-out areas. Remarkable details.
I loved the arrangement of this series as a single installation.
Gorgeous geometric design.
Striking series hung together.
Just wonderful. The full quilt featured hundreds of dog names from literature, songs, and history. Even The Far Side made it ("Blah blah blah Ginger")!
Pretty pretty pretty. From up close, I kind of hated the separate fabrics, but a great example of how the project is so much more than the individual ingredients.

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