Saturday, January 10, 2015

IPad blogging

Happy 2015!! My sweet husband gifted me an iPad for Christmas, and this is my first shot at blogging with the photos taken right from the device. Turns out there's an app for that.

For now, just a few quick snaps of a scrappy little project that used up a bunch of my 2.5" strips from the Warm side of the color wheel. I modified a free pattern that I found on the Moda website so I could work in the 2.5" squares that were already cut as well. It's just a little thing, only 48 x 60", but a good snuggle size for a not-too-big human.

Scrappy sunset quilt top, 48 x 60"
I'm planning to spend some concerted time making backs for the seventy trillion unfinished tops hanging upstairs, so I figured that I might as well make this one while the yellow and orange bins were sitting out anyway. Nothing special here, but working through a few dozen backs ought to clear out some space in the overflowing (to the point of stress-inducing) Strategic Fabric Reserves.
Scrappy back of scrappy sunset quilt

January is for using up and organizing, but January is also for teaching, as of next Monday, so I probably won't do too much sewing or blogging until late April.

Some of the things I hope to work on this year include:

  • A new quilt for our renovated bedroom. I'm thinking pinks, corals, and oranges with hints of purple, on a brown background. I have an inspiration card from Lowe's that makes that look a lot better than it probably sounds. 
  • Arcadia Avenue elaborate paper-pieced hexagons. I might decide to make that the new bed quilt, even though the original setting isn't quite big enough for a king sized bed.
  • My regular monthly journal art projects. I haven't even started the red project that is "due" in mid-February.
  • Monthly free-motion practice pillows, as hosted at the QuiltShopGal (formerly SewCalGal) blog.

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