Saturday, January 24, 2015

Matroyshka dolls and two purses

Teaching is back in session, so in my bits of time I've been piecing large backs for the shamefully expansive collection of unfinished tops in the upstairs closet, and working my way through lots of tiny little bits and bobs that have been rearing their heads from the depths of my crafting chambers. I've also started setting up a storefront, using the BigCartel website instead of Etsy. We'll see how that goes. Presumably people can use their credit cards right at the secure site, instead of just PayPal. I have one item listed for now, but I'll get some more photos taken eventually for additional items. (So keep me in mind if you need a handcrafted hygge-inducing gift for somebody in your life!!)

I realized that I never shared the photos of my other Christmas gifts. Maybe the cutest little thing I've ever made, I sent a set of nesting Matroyshka dolls to my sweet baby cousin. (Pattern by Dolls and Daydreams.) These little pysanky-like prints have been hanging around for awhile, and they were  perfect for the Russian dolls. Word on the street is that Little Miss Cousin is enjoying them quite a bit -- her mom sent me the sweetest pictures of her putting them to bed. Hugs and kisses to her!!!
Nesting Matroyshka family
Matroyshka family
Mama Matroyshka
Big Sister Matroyshka
Baby Matroyshka
My mom asked if I could make her a few small purses, one for the non-Christmas part of winter, and one for fall. I knew there was a reason I acquired this pretty winter village fat quarter!! I made my trusty Tube Pocket Purse (pattern by Wonder Woman Quilts), with a beaded snowflake for the flap.
Mom's "winter" purse (front)
Mom's "winter" purse (back)
I took a little risk and picked some funky modern fabrics for the autumn purse, but Mom said she loves them so Risk=Reward and all is well! This pattern is the Barbados bag (by Pink Sand Beach Designs) and it went together really well. Bonus: I learned a new technique for top zippers!
Mom's "autumn" purse (front)
Mom's "autumn" purse (back)
Next time, I'll post photos of the final page I made for my art group's color challenge, and then photos of the pages that I received for my own orange hexagon book.

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