Monday, February 9, 2015

Holly's green garden page

This is the last of the pages that I made for my art group's color project. Holly wanted a series of green "garden"-themed pages that she could hang in her three-season room; I worked a little off the page (so to speak) to make something that would take advantage of a partially outdoor space.

I started with a bunch of green scraps, mostly cutoffs from my Chopsticks quilt. I was very happy with how they came together, something like a labyrinthine path through a garden. After some squared-off meandering, I cut some crazy flower circles from a print and beaded & sequined the hell out of them so they would catch the light. Once those were finished, I attached them onto the background using springs so they would wiggle a little in a breeze. Also, I made a spectacular beaded spider using directions that happened to come across my Facebook feed at just the right time. After the binding was on, I added a beaded fringe with tiny jingle bells to make this a multisensory quilt.

Holly's green garden page
Close-up of Holly's green garden page, springs visible
Close-up of Holly's green garden page, beaded spider
I know a lot of people are tired of the snow that has been falling all month, but I sure am getting a lot of unexpected quilting done on these homebound afternoons. Back to work on the art group's Red project for February...I will have TWO to share at our next meeting for a change -- huzzah for snow days!!

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