Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chopsticks - quilted!

Whilst my brave husband escorted the boys to a Magic: The Bickering tournament at a toy store on Friday night, I watched hours and hours of bad Netflix offerings, and managed to quilt the entire Chopsticks project! I put feathers in the dark smaller triangles, tight wiggles on the skinny dark green borders, and some curved flower-of-life lines in the larger print triangles. I left the wider print borders unquilted, so they poof out just a little on the surface. I'm hoping to teach this quilt as a class sometime later this spring.
Quilting detail from my Chopsticks quilt
Quilting detail from my Chopsticks quilt 
Chopsticks quilt, full view (46 x 60", pattern by Jaybird Designs)
For now, this one remains unnamed -- "Chopsticks" is the name of the pattern, but I like to come up with something else.

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