Saturday, January 11, 2014


Among the fifty trillion stitchery-related emails that fill my Inbox, a knitting pattern (of all things!) drew my eye this week. As my Faithful Readers have no doubt noticed, I've been triangle-focused, so the Ojo de Dios shawl jumped right off the screen into my neurons.
Ojo de Dios shawl
The Newington Library carries Interweave Knits, so I graciously offered to take the boys there, then popped into the magazine room while they scavenged for whatever vampire- and zombie-filled fiction they're into these days. I already had the perfect ombre yarn, which I bought for a different project that just wasn't exciting me once it got started.
Jojoland Rhythm yarn
Last night, in an effort to politely let the boys watch a show without sewing machine noise (Mother of the Year nominations, anyone?), I swatched for a bit then dove right in to make the first two triangles. The pattern is just basic mosaic knitting, which I've done before (though not in triangles); obviously it's going to go together quickly.
First two triangles blocked out.
It's fun to get out the knitting supplies getting the band back together, relivin' some old times, you know? Dude.

This will be a good TV project for the rest of the winter, and I'm super happy to have found a good home for this lovely yarn. Depending on how deeply I dive back into the knitting closet, I could also see expanding this triangle technique to make -- wait for it -- hexagons (there it is).

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