Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Challenging challenge

My journal quilting group is working on a "found objects" challenge, in which everybody brought in a little doodad of some sort for everyone else, so we all have the same pile of doodads from which to create a teeny (8.5 x 11") quilt. I confess that I am completely flummoxed by this pile of things. The napkin was my biggest initial challenge, but I think I solved that problem by cutting it and rolling it into some nifty elongated beads. But seriously...I have no idea where this is going, and it's due on Tuesday. Any thoughts, Faithful Readers?

Items for "found objects" journal quilt: paper napkin, bingo card, feathers, seed beads, pompoms, circle stencil (?), red mesh, silver mesh, olive lace, blue handkerchief, red candlewicking thread, cigar tie. (NOT SHOWN: small shisha mirror)

I'm severely overbooked this month with real work and eighteen hours of opera (plus sixteen hours of driving to and fro to NYC) and a newsletter and birthday planning. It's a good month to bypass the rainbow scrap challenge, because the color of the month is "light neutral" and I'm actually trying to save those up for some semi-planned larger scrap quilting projects. I will somehow manage to complete the color palette challenge, do the Craftsy blocks (my beloved hexagons!), finish a t-shirt quilt promised for a friend, and complete an additional "architecture" challenge for my guild chapter due on May 2. (And yes, I will sleep. But I probably won't blog a whole lot.)

My handsome baby (!) wearing his brand new (requested!) martini (!) shirt

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