Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free-Motion Roosevelt

This month's free-motion quilt challenge wasn't to use a specific motif, but rather to learn a technique for marking a particular design onto a quilt top for free-motion quilting. Excellent - there are a bunch of continuous-line illustrations that I've been thinking of adapting for use as quilting lines. The forthcoming Oscar Berger exhibit at the New Britain Museum of American Art was the perfect opportunity to put this technique to the test.

Here's the original image that I started with: 
Oscar Berger, Theodore Roosevelt, ink on paper,New Britain Museum of American Art
I traced this onto tulle using a black Sharpie:

I then positioned the tulle over a piece of white fabric and traced through it using an air-erase pen:

Et voilĂ ! Quilted Theodore Roosevelt!
I will most assuredly be returning to this technique - glad to have it in my pocket of skills!


  1. Pretty cool! Well done, and thanks for the link. I'd never heard of that artist but will look to see what else I can find :)

  2. That is so creative. I never thought to use line art to quilt with. Very Cool!