Monday, July 29, 2013

American Banner

At long last, a few photos of the quilt that my then-10-now-11-year-old designed and made over the last year. He has named it "American Banner." I have a little label to sew onto the back, then it will hang in the GHQG show this weekend.

"American Banner" (54 x 54"), original design by Linus.
He did all of the quilting himself, using a red-white-and-blue Sulky Blendables to do diagonal cross-hatching with a wavy line stitch.
Quilting detail.
He was very involved in every step of the process, from the original graph-paper sketch, to selecting the fabrics (including the back, about which he was VERY particular), to doing all of the cutting, pinning, piecing, pressing, and quilting. I only helped with the pin basting and the binding. The hardest part for me was being patient enough to not care when his attention span petered out with only one little bit left -- but I guess that's the trick with all parenting behavior. He is already in the early planning stages of his next project, and has a goal of entering a quilt into the Vermont Quilt Festival next summer.

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