Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Unplanned bag

My fabrics have not been using proper protection, so the bags around here have really been multiplying. Jinkies, Shaggie! This one is my hands-down favorite so far. The pattern is called Novel Approach by Poorhouse Quilt Designs. It's the first time I've used Inn-Control, which is a batting alternative that is made from a slightly stiffer foam-style material. Verdict: I LOVE this stuff! It gave the finished bag such a nice shape and it was super easy to cut and sew. The corners with multiple layers did give me a few "Presser foot too high" error messages but I just squished it down and powered through. This pattern was amazingly easy to construct, and it looks very fun-chic.

This double-line grid quilting took a really long time -- I could have done a free-motion design in a snap -- but I do like the effect. Very polished looking. The Inn-Control was very easy to quilt.

Could there be a better use for a Saturday Evening Post panel?

Gotta love Anne Taintor

I even like the inside -- the bound seams are very clean looking and the grid quilting looks cool.
Now I'm keeping my eye out for other good panel prints, and I recently acquired some lovely embroidery patterns that will be the appropriate size too. So many ideas and fun things to make...!

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