Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quilting Down the River

(Typing that post heading got that stupid CCR song stuck in my head. Rats.)

I got a nice start on quilting my nanohex river today. I did some simple straight lines in the center of each river piece, and started some rice stitching -- by hand!! -- in the lower right corner. I have a great collection of Sulky Blendables for this process, so I'm switching colors as I move through different segments. The very gradual variegation adds another subtle element to the color gradation across the quilt. The rice stitching looks nifty in the "veg" and "sand" areas, but I'm not sure I'll continue it through the lighter parts of the sunset sky.
Hand quilting!
I need to settle on a name for this quilt since I will be finalizing the quilt show program over the next few days.

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