Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Retirement!

Last month my father finally retired, so the family got together for a (mostly) surprise party last weekend. I'm so glad that he now has the time to putter around doing whatever he wants with his time. In honor of his retirement, my mom asked me to make him a Pittsburgh Pirates t-shirt quilt, so I did a little figurin' and measurin' and slicin' and stitchin', and this is what I came up with. This black city fabric has been hanging around forever, and I'm happy I still had it for this project; the gold also has a much fainter city map print. The borders around the t-shirts were very simple, but I liked the skyline effect that showed up. The quilt was a big hit at his party. Some of the shiftier guests -- aunts and uncles and the like -- were eyeing it up as they headed for their cars (just kidding!). Congratulations and thanks for all of your years of hard work, Dad!
Dad's Pirates quilt
Back of Dad's Pirates quilt, inspected by Stella
Label of Dad's Pirates quilt

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