Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Attacking the green scraps

I jumped right in on the green scraps for the Rainbow Scrap challenge. I decided to start this month with the noodle quilt, which turned out to be a great opportunity to do an inventory of the green bin, which is approaching overflow. I really like green, so I do tend to buy more of this color. The noodles came out great this time; I tried adding the little 2" squares between each strip, and I really like this effect.

After figuring out what was good yardage and what was ridiculously small scraps, I cut a bunch of small hexagons to make this month's placemat:
and a Dresden ring:
and the six inch blocks for the scrappy quilt that I still haven't scanned in:
and the 21" square that I'll use for my free-motion challenge sampler quilt:
and some basic green squares for another scrappy rainbow charm quilt:
There's more to show (including some finished items!!), but I'll post separately about the other things.

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