Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Farewell to Feathers

I didn't get as much practice as I could have with free-motion feathers this month, but I did use today's snow cancellation as an opportunity to quilt an entire 21" square with very tight feather motifs. Not too bad for a beginner. (I'm focusing on the positive here - there's PLENTY of room for improvement.) I am pretty bad at the echo quilting, which I'd really like to do better, because I'd like to do some Sol Lewitt line quilts eventually. I think the process will be significantly easier once my machine is recessed into the desk. Right now even the little quilts like this one get stuck moving up and over the bed; it's hard to keep tight, even spacing when the quilt is jumping herky-jerky all over the place... I'm eager to start both a new color (good-bye green, hello pink!) and a new FMQ motif (farewell to feathers, greetings to ???).

Close-up of the back, where the quilting shows fairly well:

The front is nothing special, but now I have one in red and one in green; this will be a nice scrap quilt by the end of the year.

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