Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Motion February

Due to the unexpected loss of my spring-activated free-motion foot, I didn't get a lot of FMQ practice in February. I did replace it eventually, however, but only yesterday so I haven't had too much time for finishing things. The only project that I managed to complete using February's feather motif was my scrappy placemat (green for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color). I'm obviously not an expert in this motif, but overall I was impressed that I was able to make something that looked "feathery" at all.

I used some old Guterman quilting thread on the top, but it felt like rough rope compared to the Sulky blendables and the fine Aurifil I've been using more recently. I used a gray Aurifil in the bobbin so I could see the motif better.

I don't know why I'm getting all those little nests every time I start a new feather. I'll have to work on that when I quilt the green 21" square that's all ready to go.


  1. Hi Angelina,
    Your feathers look great. Do you pull your bottom thread up to the top side and secure it before you start your free motion quilting? Doing this should eliminate the thread nests on the bottom side. Your green scrappy placement is very pretty. Bravo.. well done!

  2. Your hexagon quilt is lovely! And your feathers so good! One of these days I'll get to grips with FMQ.