Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finished noodles

I finished the scrappy red noodle quilt! I did a very simple loop-de-loop quilting across each pair of rows, which was very good free-motion practice. By the thirteenth or fourteenth strip, my stitches were getting pretty even, and the motif was becoming nice and regularly spaced.

Then, with one strip to go, Something Very Bad happened...I don't know if the needle loosened or bent just a hair, or if the springs on my free-motion foot broke, but I heard a loud CLUNK and a beep and got the dreaded MAIN MOTOR OVERLOAD - PLEASE WAIT message on my machine. NO!!!!!! Turns out the needle had driven right through the plastic foot, which is now garbage. (Actually, it's in the pile of "vaguely mechanical-looking junk that my kids can use to make steampunk art.")

I did manage to finish this quilt with floating free motion using my embroidery foot, but it's a lot jumpier doing it that way. My February FMQ practice has been severely limited but, on the bright side, I did get a very nice quilt finished and ready to donate.

A query for you quilters out there: do you label quilts that you make for charity? What info do you put on them?

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