Friday, September 14, 2012

Happiness Is a Warm Quilt

The Beatles top that I'm making for the New Britain Symphony Orchestra is finished!

These fabrics are terrifically fun to work with. I have so many memories of listening to the Fab Four while I was growing up. My mother had all of their albums from before the Greater-Than-Jesus controversy (at which point she was no longer allowed to buy them), but my father had the later (better) ones, so that meant that I had them all! I have a pretty clear (and somewhat alarming) memory of a day in second grade when my "boyfriend" at the time sent me a ghost-shaped construction paper note that said "Boo! I hate you." I went home from school in tears and sat under the dining room table playing "I Need You" about a zillion times on my clunky little cassette player. Gather 'round and listen attentively, Children, for I shall tell you a story about the Times Before: This tragedy befell me in the days before CDs, so I had no Repeat function to ease the process of my grieving. Lo, I had to use what was called a "Rewind button" to make this song play in countless repetition; I played it so many times that I knew exactly where to stop the rewind process via a number counter, which looked thus:
Countdown to musical solace
If you're still reading at this point, you shall now be privy to a preview of the back of this quilt. I used Elizabeth Hartman's idea of freezer-paper stencils to paint the Help album logo on four half-yard solids. After these cure all day, I'll set the paint and sew them together with big black borders on the top and bottom to make the quilt back. I have an all-day editing session tomorrow, then I'll baste it up in the afternoon and get it quilted in the nick of time for the auction.
Remember, if you're salivating over this Fab Four in Fabric creation, it can be yours at the New Britain Symphony Orchestra's auction on October 12!

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